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January 12, 2021
Life happened and reading fell by the wayside, along with most things. It wasn't until I had started taking public transit again that I found time to nose through a book, but my pace far outstripped the books at my disposal. Then, when public transit became a less desirable option, I went back to the commute. I finally figured out how to borrow audiobooks from my library and started listening during my drives, instead. I managed this for a couple of months until the pandemic hit, at which point the at-home chaos precluded listening to anything. I switched to eBooks -- instead of doomscrolling on Twitter, I could scroll through books instead. Other than a couple month hiccup where my library card was inactive, I've been steadily reading. In spite of the breaks, I did manage to read 52 books last year. 

Another thing left by the wayside is this blog. And my etsy shop. And any form of marketing. But hubs made me a shiny new interface (a while ago) and a new logo. So I'll post, but who knows what this will evolve into. 

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